The « Cozy Villas » guest’s options


The « Cozy Villas » are two high-class villas all conveniences and they can propose you different services:


Airport pick up
On your demand at the reservation we can come and pick you up at your arrival to bring you by the villas.

Car rental
On your demand at the reservation,we can get a car rental for you and bring it by the airport

We can propose you some excursions around the place(rivers and forest)or more far(beaches and main touristic sites).

Day cleaning
Every morning around 11 ,the maid passes for the house cleaning;if you wish to choose a different time just tell us.

On demand we can take care of your laundry: 12 euros for one machine(5KG)wash and dry.

On demand we can iron your laundry:8 euros for one kg or 40 euros for the whole machine.
Otherwise each villa is provided with an ironing table and a steam iron

Dvd’s rental
On demand we can provide you with a DVD’s rental card: 3 euros for one movie for 24H.

The barbecue
You can use the barbecue anytime you wish,just in case the two villas are occupied please contact us for the planning. 

Food delivering
On demand we can propose you a catering service or fast food(pizza,chinese food…)The costs variating depending on the place.